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Duration: Approx 40 min with 5-20 min flight

Price: R1300/pp

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There are many ways to explore Cape Town but few are more exciting that from the air. For some, the first glimpses of Cape Town come from the seat of a plane coming into land but there are other ways to see Cape Town from the sky. Paragliding is the ultimate thrill when it comes to exploring the Mother City and surrounds. With numerous Paragliding tour companies dotted across and around the peninsula, there is ample opportunity to explore up close from above and experience the elements of the weather and the thrill of flight. From beach and shoreline Paragliding where the coastline is hugged by the ocean below that just looks so vast to inland and mountainous paragliding, the choice is yours. Taking a leap off Lion’s Head, Signal Hill or Sir Lowry’s Pass all provide exceptional ways to explore popular and scenic spaces. Tandem paragliding is the easiest and most accessible form of Paragliding for tourists where an experienced paraglider takes control and you sit back and enjoy the thrill of the ride. Paragliding is very weather dependent but is extremely safe. Using the wind and thermals that provide the undertone for Cape Town’s weather and adding to it a small engine to push you along Paragliding is the closest thing to free flight you can experience and Cape Town is by far the best place in the world to fly.


Tandem Paragliding in Cape Town is fun and addictive. Join us for a tandem paragliding flight in Cape Town seeing all the great sights from the air, fly from Lions Head and land on the field in front of The Bungalow, between Camps Bay and Clifton beaches or over Sea Point from Signal Hill landing on the famous Sea Point Promenade next to the beautiful atlantic ocean.

What must I wear?

  • Closed shoes
  • On a chilly day wear something warm
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses can be worn in-flight

Tour Operator

  • Icarus Tandem Paragliding Cape Town
  • Location : Lions Head
  • Top Rated on Trip Advisor

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“We had an incredible experience paragliding over Cape Town on our honeymoon. We were lucky as the conditions were perfect so we had over 20 minutes in the air. It was the most amazing experience and all the better for having the expertise of Jacques and John making us feel safe. Thank you! Would thoroughly recommend!”