SUP Safari

Stand Up Paddleboarding or SUPping has become tremendously popular in and around Cape Town and it comes as no surprise that you can now SUP and tour at the same time.

False Bay is the perfect place to SUP in Cape Town and this... Read full article

Hike Table Mountain

Table Mountain is the biggest natural attraction in Cape Town and Tourlist appreciates this. For many, the first glimpse of Table Mountain is from the seat of their airplane coming in to land at Cape Town International Airport. The... Read full article

Helicopter, Tours and Tech

Cape Town Helicopters is the leading helicopter company in Cape Town for many reasons. Not only does the company have some amazing tours and of course, the newest helicopters, the company is also innovative.


... Read full article

Penguin paddle

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Cape Town has to be the Penguins at Boulders.  Most people take a tour out to Simons Town and down and around the peninsula and slot the penguins in. It is actually easy and for those who... Read full article

African Crocdive

So nearly everyone has heard about cage diving with the amazing great white sharks in Cape Town.  A cage dive experience with the sharks is a bucket list item for many tourists and is one of the “must do” tours in... Read full article

Cape Cat Tour

Cape Town and the Ocean are two things that go together and, really, one cannot exist without the other. Exploring the ocean in Cape Town is one of the things every tourist loves to do and must do. There are many ways to explore the... Read full article

Seal Snorkelling

Cape Town is surrounded by nature, on one side there is the dominance of Table Mountain, inland there are the magnificent Winelands and surrounding the city is the Atlantic Ocean. Teaming with wildlife Cape Town is a destination where... Read full article

City Sightseeing

1 V&A Waterfront Our tour office, located outside the Two Oceans Aquarium 8.20am 5.15pm

2 The Clock Tower Opposite the Nelson Mandela Gateway to Robben Island 8.25am 5.20pm

3 Cape Town International Convention... Read full article

Boulders Beach Penguin Tours

Cape Town is the last place in the world that one would expect to see penguins but it is a city where penguins can be found.  Tourlist makes no secret that the penguins at boulders, not far from Simons Town is a top day tours out... Read full article

City Sightseeing Bus

Known to many simply as “the red bus”, City Sightseeing has been providing the very best tours in Cape Town for many years.  The buses have become their trademark and the tours that started out with just two routes have... Read full article