Hike Table Mountain

Table Mountain is the biggest natural attraction in Cape Town and Tourlist appreciates this. For many, the first glimpse of Table Mountain is from the seat of their airplane coming in to land at Cape Town International Airport. The majestic, flat-topped mountain is something every first time and even returning visitor stares at in total wonder.

The mountain is one of the many places every tourist wants to explore and as a tour, it is a bucket list item for most. One of the best tours to Table Mountain is the take a hike and for those who take this tour, it is one of the most memorable trips one can experience.

Climbing Table Mountain is not liking climbing Everest and is a fairly easy climb by mountaineering standards. That being said the hike up Table Mountain is a Cape Tour that is a little more strenuous than most. The climb does require a degree of fitness and some sturdy footwear more than anything else.

The hike on Table Mountain tour booked through Tourlist will see you climb the iconic mountain under the guidance of an experienced tour guide. As part of a group, there are a number of tours you can opt for that include sunrise and sunset or groups that are better tailored for families.  The choice is entirely yours and it is guaranteed to be an experience you will never forget.

In the peak of summer, it is advisable to take an early morning or evening hike as the weather will be cooler making the hike more comfortable. The hike is not a race and your experienced guide will ensure you do not miss any attractions or points of interest. There will be plenty of photo opportunities on this amazing tour and you will be able to show off to your friends that you climbed a mountain.

A rucksack with some basics such as water and snacks for your climb is essential. Sunglasses are a must and just because the weather is good do not forget to pack some warm clothing. Remember Cape Town can, and often does, experience all four seasons in one day.

There are options for each Table Mountain tour to hike up and hike back down or alternatively take the cable car down after a long walk up. The shop on top of Table Mountain has light meals and coffee for visitors.

This hike up Table Mountain tour booked via Tourlist is one of the best ways to explore the mountain and for many will be a highlight of their stay in the City.


Hike Table Mountain

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